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Does APMEX sell fake?

This is an issue we take very seriously here at APMEX.

Counterfeit coins and bars have been passed off as legitimate for more than a decade . But what has changed is counterfeiters are getting better and their products are harder to detect.

Is APMEX gold reliable?

For over 15 years, APMEX has provided customers with an easy shopping experience they can trust. We pride ourselves on transparency and consider every customer review to be valuable feedback. Check out some of these reviews below and see why we have a 98% customer satisfaction rating .

Is APMEX gold pure?

Mint’s 1 oz Gold Buffalo coins each contain a purity of . 9999 . These are followed by coins at a purity of . 999, including 1 oz Gold Panda coins from the People’s Bank of China.

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Who is the most reputable gold dealer?

The Best Gold Dealers 4 American Hartford Gold Group (877) 672-6779


How are APMEX coins shipped?

Shipment of Your Items

APMEX orders are shipped Registered/Insured U.S. Mail and UPS . Each package is fully insured and may require a signature upon delivery.

Where is APMEX based?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Is APMEX a trustworthy company?

APMEX has a consumer rating of 3.44 stars from 25 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases . APMEX ranks 16th among Gold sites.

What does APMEX stand for?

the American Precious Metals Exchange

Does APMEX require signature?

APMEX orders are shipped Registered/Insured U.S. Mail, & UPS. Each package is fully insured and may require a signature upon delivery . Packages can take on average 1-10 business days for delivery.

What is the best gold to buy?

physical gold bullion

What’s the spot price of gold on Apmex?


Gold Spot Price.

Gold Spot PricesGold PriceSpot Change
Gold Price Per Ounce $1,860.50 USD – ($31.00) USD
Gold Price Per Gram $59.82 USD – ($1.00) USD


What is the safest way to buy gold?

Traditional mutual funds tend to be actively managed, while ETFs adhere to a passive index-tracking strategy, and therefore have lower expense ratios. For the average gold investor, however, mutual funds and ETFs are now generally the easiest and safest way to invest in gold.

Is it safe to buy gold online?

Buying online is as safe as buying from a physical retailer, if not even safer . Whether you’re interested in purchasing gold bars or coins, you can buy gold online and be safe as long as you deal with a reputable gold company, such as International Precious Metals.

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Can I use a debit card on APMEX?

What form of payment does APMEX accept? Payment to APMEX must be provided using one of the following: Credit/debit card (excluding prepaid cards)

Can I cancel my APMEX order?

Once your Purchase Order is confirmed, you may not cancel and are obligated to send the agreed to quality and quantity of Precious Metals to APMEX.

How do I get free shipping on APMEX?

Free Shipping on Orders $199 and up | APMEX.

Where should I store my gold coins?

Gold should be stored in an area that is protected against high humidity and fluctuating temperatures . A lock-enabled jewelry box or a safe are both great investments for storing and protecting jewelry and other small gold valuables. Safety deposit boxes are also a popular option for storing metals like gold.

What is the most trusted place to buy gold and silver?

Places to Buy Gold or Silver

The two most common places where you can purchase precious metals are from an online dealer, such as JM Bullion, or a local coin shop . Local coin shops have been around almost as long as money has.

Is APMEX a mint?

World Mints

Since opening for business in 2000, APMEX has strived to offer our customers the largest selection of Precious Metals products.

How long has APMEX been around?

Since , APMEX remains one of the largest sources in the Precious Metals industry, providing buying, selling and educational resources.

Is JM bullion trustworthy?

Is JM Bullion a legitimate company? Yes, JM Bullion is reliable, trustworthy, and very much legitimate . Information surrounding the history and journey of the team that built the company is also readily available for anyone who wishes to read it.

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Does APMEX report to IRS?

Do you report my purchase of Precious Metals to the IRS? APMEX is not required to report our sales transactions to the IRS or any other federal, state or local agencies unless you fall under the Form 8300 requirement .

Is it better to invest in silver or gold?

Silver is more volatile, cheaper and more tightly linked with the industrial economy. Gold is more expensive and better for diversifying your portfolio overall . Either or both may have a place in your portfolio. Arguably the best use for gold as an investment is to mitigate portfolio risk.

How do I sell my gold bullion coins?

Our top recommendation for selling gold bars or coins is Abe Mor, who offer the best customer experience and value for your bullion. Selling with a reputable online dealer like Abe Mor is the best way to get close to market value, and turn your gold bullion into cash without any undue hassle.

How is Gold shipped?

Hands down, the best way to ship your valuables including gold, silver and rare coins is to use the United States Postal Service’s Registered Mail Services . While the post office employees may try to convince you to switch to insured mail, do not take the bait.

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